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Click Clack – Poem

Click clack goes the claws
As it crawls through the tunnel
Stagnant flows along the runnel
Click clack goes the jaws

She holds her breath within
Sword drawn and held at the ready
Heart begins to beat slow steady
The battle will soon begin

Click clack goes the tiny feet
Along the cavern floors it wanders
Should I hide or fight she ponders
Click clack goes the pincers beat

Like the thundering storm
She springs into the fray
Chitanous shell she will flay
From neck to the deep corm

Slish slash goes the sword
The beast cannot fight back
For its life away has been hack
Slish slash is the final chord

She lives, she breaths a deep inhale
Away into the night she doth excel
Out of the caves it once did dwell
Quickly alight to her home beyond the dale

  • Damien Kelly 5/5/2019

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