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Category: D&D

Resources for The Descent

With the new Dungeons & Dragons adventure “Baldur’s Gate: The Descent into Avernus” coming out this year we are going to Hell. This adventure absolutely looks amazing. I started to […]

Alariks – Scourge Aasimar Fighter

Now Updated for a New One Shot Adventure with the Goldheart Gaming Group Coming Soon…. Alariks is a character I built based on my own love of music from such […]

Such a Nerd

I have joked with my family and friends for years that I am working on rebuilding my nerd self with the parts and pieces of lesser nerds to be a […]

Time for a Heist

My WoW guild is kind of feeling the hiatus until Jan for the next raid. So I figured I would engage some of the guildies with a good rousing adventure […]

Marisha – Gather Your Shakespeare

Waking up, trying to get my morning started and I stumbled upon this gem. I am a fan of Critical Role, which is a Dungeons and Dragons campaign run by […]