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Category: Music

Such a Nerd

I have joked with my family and friends for years that I am working on rebuilding my nerd self with the parts and pieces of lesser nerds to be a […]

Eluveitie – Ategnatos

One of my favorite groups, Eluveitie has a new album hitting U.S. shores very soon now. The album is named “Ategnatos” and the two tracks I have heard have been […]

Welcome to October

We made it to my favorite month of the year. I tend to celebrate Halloween all month long. From movies to music, I settle in on the spooky and run […]

My Heart Songs

I am a huge fan of music. Pretty much within all genres, I will find something I really enjoy. From Viking death metal to jazz to monk chants to old-timey […]

Heilung – Lifa

I have a new obsession with this group. Good music to keep me going while doing some writing or just relaxing.