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Category: Education


Parvenu An upstart; one who has risen from the ranks. The word was made popular in France by Marivaux’s Paysan Parvenu (1735) E. Cobham Brewer – Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase […]


Naphtha The Greek name for an inflammable, bituminous substance coming from the ground in certain districts; in the MEDEA legend it is the name of the drug used by the […]

To Hang Fire

Going back to some terminology I discover during my readings. You fine folks may find it of interest for TTRPGs or general writing. I am currently reading “Brewer’s Dictionary of […]

Golden Key

I mentioned before that I did not do well in high school due to my health and always falling behind. With my continued success in my classes, I went ahead and […]


I learned this word today while doing some anthropology homework. I was describing my job from an etic, cultural outsider, point of view. I wanted to find a word to […]

Fantastic Update to My Education

My last post brought some action on my account. It seems there was work being done, I just had not heard what was going on. Even though I was kicking […]

Crawling through Cybersecurity

My last class was American Government. Talk about a very apropos topic at this time in our political climate. It was a great class and actually very difficult. I used […]

Education and Personal Philosophy

I did not do well in high school. Besides my own mental health issues, I was also dealing with physical health issues. I would miss a lot of school and […]

ICE Method

The ICE method for citing references. I – Introduce Introduce the quote with some kind of phrase. Such as “Obi-wan Kenobi says…” Use both the first and last name of […]