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RPG Writer Workshop

In the midst of my other school work I have decided to take the plunge into the RPG Writer Workshop for Summer 2019.


I am a writer and I am working on a book and have some ideas for some campaigns as well. I have looked into the DMs Guild resources for creating content. I have felt a bit at a loss however. My biggest problem when I write anything is that I can write too much. I am trying to get every word and thought down. I love the idea of a class that can help me with some targets.

I keep a spreadsheet of story ideas that I use for inspiration often. They are just little things that I quickly jot down that I think about during the day or if I dream about them.

For this summer class I need to choose one of my ideas. Really get in there and flesh it out. My next class is an accounting class which starts in the first week of July, so it will be good to have something a bit more creative I can work on as well.

I am very much looking forward to this.

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