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I love music. This love of music is almost at an obsessive level. I have music playing at all times. Now I am a fan of all genres too. I will listen to Jazz standards of the 40s, classical, opera, Motown, alternative, heavy metal, old timey country and bluegrass. Ok, you get the point I just love music.

The Library Bards

This weekend has been the Dungeons & Dragons live event and this Sunday night we have made our way to the concert. There are some greats musicians here, but I finally got to hear Bonnie Gordon and Xander Jeanneret’s project “The Library Bards”.

The Library Bards

I have been a fan of both Bonnie and Xander’s acting from various table top RPG streaming shows. From Xander such as “L.A. By Night” and “Relics and Rarities”. I have been a fan of Bonnie’s from “Callisto 6” and “Shield of Tomorrow”.

I had heard of their project “The Library Bards” however, I had not actually had a chance to listen to them. I listen to soooo much music that it is easy for things to fall between the cracks. As an example there is a new Rammstein album that landed on Friday and I only remembered it today and I am a LONG time Rammstein fan. I am straying from the topic however my apologies.

The Library Bards only got to perform a couple of songs, but their voices and energy was just perfect. They have a Kickstarter going for a few more days and I had to back it and I think you should too. They are so much fun and very talented.

You can find The Library Bards at the following locations

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