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Alariks – Scourge Aasimar Fighter

Now Updated for a New One Shot Adventure with the Goldheart Gaming Group Coming Soon….

Alariks is a character I built based on my own love of music from such groups as Wardruna and Heilung. My own genealogy research into my family and the legends and histories of my family are inspiration as well.

There is an album from the Icelandic group Sólstafir named “Svartir Sandar” and in their video for the song “Fjara” is a stunning figure that I used as Alarik’s look. He would further have a full beard with runic beads tied within. Alariks is a mix of Celtic, Pict, Proto-Germanic and Danish regarding dress, religion and culture. He wears a mask that is of leather and has stag horns.


Alariks is a mix of Celtic, Pict, Proto-Germanic and Danish regarding dress, religion, and culture. Below is much of how he looks without his mask. His face painted up this way. He does wear silver runic beads in his hair. He wears a mask to cover the uppermost part of his face. This mask is inspired by the headdresses of Heilung. They have antlers on the top and animal jawbones on the left and right side.

The red clay painted on his face is symbolic for danger, war. The white is symbolic of purity and light.


Alarik is a worshipper of Mazog.
He respects small rituals to the god of war and prays to him daily. If he misses a ritual or prayer, he will become a bit upset. He will immediately stop what he is doing and “catch up”. Even in inopportune times.


The following Spotify playlist was used as heavy inspiration.

Idioms, Prayers, and Warcries


I give you my strength of arm
I give you the speed of my legs
I give you the fire which burns within my spirit
May I always face battle with honor
Mazog , Lord of Battles
Mazog Mazog Mazog


I will give you my thunder from the storms
I will tear out your root and destroy all you have sown.
I give unto you the blessing of arm, leg, and spirit
You will plead, but upon these muds and earth you will die.
Mazog, Lord of Battles
Mazog Mazog Mazog


Mazog thanks you

Greeting Response

And I thank Mazog


Never turn your back on a boar while you till your fields as it will only get you killed and your family will starve for your foolishness

You will never please a woman while you dance alone with a stranger in a deep hollow looking for useless trinkets.

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