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Saturday Night Ruminations

It is a great evening. I am sitting in the dark. I am in the midst of a Microeconomics class and it has really been testing my brain. The course is absolutely brilliant. Tonight I worked very hard on a quiz and nailed it at 100%. I almost had 2 questions wrong, but I noticed I was reading them wrong. Just about tripped me up.

Relaxing Dark Pagan Music

I then spent time reading and listening to this playlist on Spotify. Now, with the kids asleep, lights out, gentle music playing, I just have this time to relax and reflect. This past week I was on vacation and while I did not accomplish everything I set out to do I still managed to get some done.

I did not hit the word count goal I set for myself for working on my book, but I did write some, I did some world building, I worked through some plot points. I was thrilled with what I did accomplish.

I did not get all the exercise I wanted, but I stayed on top of my diet with 1 exception and I went and walked a trail (an endeavor I am going to repeat within the next week once this rain abates and things dry up a bit).

Next week as I step back into my daily work routine I should have a bit more energy and a more cleared head. I have some ideas to get myself a bit ahead of things quickly.

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