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Such a Nerd

I have joked with my family and friends for years that I am working on rebuilding my nerd self with the parts and pieces of lesser nerds to be a mecha-nerd.

This morning as I am planning out my day I realized I may have reached that point in my life. My plans for the day are the following:

  • Work on algebra. I am doing some Kahn Academy work to help strengthen up my skills for a later class.
  • Work on homework (microeconomics class) – I have to take a quiz and am going to start my week 2 work in advance.
  • World building – for my book
  • Work on my Outline – for my book
  • Work on creative writing – again… for my book
  • Go out to buy some frames for my prints that I got with my “Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana: A Visual History” book.
  • Look for a frame for my Golden Key International Honors Society certificate.
  • Reorganize my bookshelf – Order books by topics. I got a new bookshelf for the living room and have been moving all leisure books to the living room. I also got a stand for my record player, so that freed up shelf space. I have been yoinking all my books out of storage that I did not have room for and organizing them on my shelves.
  • I have a dictionary, thesaurus, a book about medieval fighting techniques, and a book about the medieval lives of the normal folks coming today at some point.
  • Play D&D with the family tonight

This will all be done to a bed of Amon Amarth cranked in the background. All of this has been working to keep my mind going strong. I am less inclined to wallow in a sea while longboats of negative thoughts run rampant.

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