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Blind Movies

Has anyone ever seen a movie completely blind to the word of mouth or advertising surrounding it? It is difficult to do in our reality of instant information and we hear about it all rather immediately. 

It happened to me with “The Crying Game” (1992). I was hanging out with a buddy and we hit up the movies to kill some time. There was nothing of immediate interest playing. “The Crying Game” was playing and I had not even heard of it. My friend said, “Hey I heard this was good”. So off we went, tickets purchased, popcorn and drinks gathered and middle of the theater we went.

Seeing this movie was during a time when I was getting into genealogy and I was researching my family heritage on the Irish side. As the movie takes place in Ireland I felt an instant connection to the movie. I had been reading daily newspapers I could pick up from “Books a Million” from Ireland. I was reading books from Irish authors. I was really getting a perspective of their culture.

The movie also had actors I already was familiar with in Stephen Rea and Forest Whitaker. I was introduced to Jaye Davidson and Miranda Richardson via this movie. I was unfamiliar with either of them before this film.

So you had this thriller in Ireland with the actors I liked. I was immediately hooked. The performances all around were absolutely stellar. Being engrossed in this movie along with no word of mouth or seeing advertising, the big “Scene” happened. Many people will say they could see it happening from a mile away, but I thought Dil was so well acted as a character that I had no indication or care about it. I am dancing around a key point in the movie as it is a spoiler and if someone has not seen this amazing movie they should.

The story was so well written and beautifully constructed.

I was thinking about seeing movies blindly and the experience behind them. I wish I could see all the movies blindly. Just drop me in the middle of a theater with not even a title of what I am about to see. That would be a genuinely great experience again. I love film, I love the stories that are brought to the screen and to some extent even the bad films I find fascinating.

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