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Between the Sheets – Marisha Ray

I am dealing with illness today so I hope in my fevered state this makes sense.

“Between the Sheets” this week with Marisha Ray really hit home to me. She talked about being sustained on stubbornness and spite. This is me on so many levels. From my own abuse and my own mental health issues, I crawl hand of hand, claw over claw to get through the hours most days.

I am really no one in the lives of these wonderful people. If I would want them to know one thing, there are some of us out here truly trying to treat people as an “Ends” and not a “Means”. That some of us are trying to be the change we want to see in the world.

I will always be kind.

“The toughest steel is forged in the hottest fire”

Music is my sanctuary… here are a few songs in my anti-depression mix. Maybe the songs will be uplifting to a person or two today.

Now I better go lie down, I feel like hell…

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