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D&D and Gender/Race – Empathy and Kindness

Someone had asked on Facebook in the Dungeons and Dragons (Uncensored) group who is male and plays female characters. They wanted to know why. When I game, be it tabletop Roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons, or video games like World of Warcraft or Dragon Age I always play female characters of various races.

I replied to the question with the following response.

It is my attempt to understand things. I am a white male, anything that puts me into the shoes of another gender or race is to look at another viewpoint. Now I understand that anything I learn is like looking through a glass of the muddiest Mississippi River water, I am seeing kind of a picture but it will never be clear. It will always be distorted by the lens of that opaque water. But it allows me to further explore empathy, kindness, understanding”

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