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Day 1 – Active Every Day

I flounder with my weight and fitness. I will go strong for 6-7 months, I lose a ton of weight and then something happens. It is one of two things.

  1. I get sick and when I get sick I get sick… allergies turn into a cold. The cold turns into chest congestion, which evolves into its final form known as pneumonia. It takes about a month to bounce back and I have a cough for 3 months after. I lose momentum.
  2. Depression settles in and I lose interest in doing anything.

Well, my glucose is completely out of control now. I saw the doctor yesterday and I know I need to get my backside moving again.

I started tracking food again via MyFitnessPal as I have had 100% success rate in the past doing this simple thing and not going over 1,600 per day.

I also woke up, got my sweats on, turned on my audiobook (Currently “The Grey Bastards” by Jonathan French… amazing by the way), and put in a mile at about 20 minutes this morning.

My plan is simple, something every day. A walk or the gym, just to do something to stay moving.

This website is all about improving myself. I need to get busy on the physical needs of my body now.

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