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World Mental Health Day

So today is World Mental Health Day. A day of festivities, excitement, gift giving, decor… oh wait, I must be thinking of something else.

I find it rather apropos of the occasion that my mental health is in a bad spot. Both my anxiety and my depression are giving me cause for concern on this grand occasion. I am glad there is a day where we are bringing focus to it. I just wish I could get the help that does not involve a huge series of insurance hoops or calling emergency services to take me to the hospital with police in tow.

I just kind of need help, but I am not THAT bad off. I am currently only semi-treated. Medication that is not really helping.

I wish I did not feel so utterly alone. The wild part is… I am not alone. I am surrounded by people. Between wife, kids, the Critter community I enjoy lurking in, my friends online and outside of internets, and even my co-workers. That static persists. Wandering around in a fog with almost no clarity of thought. I feel like I am a stranger within myself.

Trying to drown out the negative thoughts with some music today.


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