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Fantastic Update to My Education

My last post brought some action on my account. It seems there was work being done, I just had not heard what was going on. Even though I was kicking butt at the start of my last course before this all happened I am ok with starting the class over next week. I will have some additional paperwork to do at the very start of the year, but I am 100% ok with this. I was only a week in so it will be a simple thing to redo that singular week.

I am happy that this was resolved by Ashford University, I understand what happened and why. They, working with me, have a plan to ensure this does not happen at the end of 2019 going into 2020. So thank goodness…and thank you to the social media team for Ashford University and the leadership team for Ashford for getting me back on my path. It is truly appreciated by me.

I really was going to wonder what I was going to do with myself for the year if this was not resolved. It probably would have included some self-study of some kind.



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