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Educational Blunders Abound

This situation outlined below has been resolved very well I might add. You can read my update here.

I am absolutely unthrilled, vexed, pissed off, annoyed, the opposite of happy, I am incensed, furious, angry, seeing red, and beside oneself. Ashford University is showing me not only how unprofessional they are being but that my educational promise is grinding to a halt due to their lack of diligence.

I have a full grant renewal which I was told I needed to sign papers for and sent in, now four times, in the last month. I have responded to every email that was sent to me only to be completely ignored by my Academic Advisor. When I call, I get a different advisor who advises me. Which I follow their instructions and nothing happens or progresses. I hear nothing, I am responded with nothing and now I don’t even have a current class as I have been dropped from it.

You would think since my company is paying for it and has sent in their approvals that they might like getting money. I guess not. I have sent in the signed paperwork and approvals as dictated in plenty of time. Now I am sans a class and standing around like the John Travolta meme wondering what is going on.

I have a list of names, dates and times of all communications and an email trail that feels untouched.

Ashford University… come on, return my emails, phone calls, for the love of all that is good…. do something.

I guess I will just sit over here trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Drool a ton…


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