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Captain Marvel – I am excited

I remember some years back when I made a triumphant return to reading comics. Kelly Sue Deconnick had just started her run on Captain Marvel. I was absolutely pulled in to this revamped character. Between the costume redesign and what felt like a fully fleshed out character I was not only able to get back into comics easily, but I could get my kids into it as well. My girls were immediately in love with her.

So to say I have been anticipating this movie has been a bit of an understatement. I absolutely love my superhero movies and to see on the screen the one that really rekindled my love for comics, well that is kind of a special thing to me.

The trailer for the movie hit online this morning. I was feeling a bit tired, worn out, slightly depressed. It was nice to have something make me smile this morning while I work through my 3rd cup of coffee.

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