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The Epic of Gilgamesh

I lost a friend yesterday. Thinking about her and her family reminded me of Gilgamesh and his mourning of his friend Enkidu.

May the cypress, and the cedar which we destroyed in our anger mourn you.
May the bear, hyena, panther, tiger, water buffalo, jackal, lion, wild bull, stag, ibex, all the creatures of the plains mourn you.
May the holy River Ulaja, along whose banks we grandly used to stroll, mourn you.
May the pure Euphrates, to which we would libate water from our wineskins, mourn you.
May the men of Uruk-Haven, whom we saw in our battle when we killed the Bull of Heaven, mourn you.
May the farmer, who extols your name in his sweet work song, mourn you.

and then further down…

May the brothers go into mourning over you like sisters;
… the lamentation priests, may their hair be shorn on your behalf.
Enkidu, your mother and father are in the wastelands,
I mourn you.

The Epic of Gilgamesh – Tablet VIII

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