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RPG Writer Workshop

In the midst of my other school work I have decided to take the plunge into the RPG Writer Workshop […]

My Brain, the Liar

My depression is here for a visit. The imp in my head whispering dark machinations that I know to be […]


I love music. This love of music is almost at an obsessive level. I have music playing at all times. […]

Resources for The Descent

With the new Dungeons & Dragons adventure “Baldur’s Gate: The Descent into Avernus” coming out this year we are going […]


I have been window shopping various goods that people within the Dungeons and Dragons community have put together. While I […]

Kindness and Kant

We are living in an age where I am constantly being hit with stories about people that are acting in […]


Parvenu An upstart; one who has risen from the ranks. The word was made popular in France by Marivaux’s Paysan […]


Naphtha The Greek name for an inflammable, bituminous substance coming from the ground in certain districts; in the MEDEA legend […]

To Hang Fire

Going back to some terminology I discover during my readings. You fine folks may find it of interest for TTRPGs […]

Eluveitie – Ategnatos

One of my favorite groups, Eluveitie has a new album hitting U.S. shores very soon now. The album is named […]

Dream Journal: Rasputin

I have always had very vivid dreams my entire life. No matter the content of those dreams they were very […]

Getting Help

I have talked many times in the past about my mental health. Lately my depression has been a thorn in […]

Christmas Birthdays

My birthday is Christmas Day. I have always hated it. It feels like no one remembers, no one cares. I […]

Messing up Paper

I want to take a moment to talk about art. I want to start out with the most important piece […]